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Ear monitors are a necessity for professional and non-professional singers. These devices are specifically designed to help singers hear their music better by reducing external noises.

With that said, not all brands are created equal. For example, one brand may include a behind-the-ear loop to make the monitor more secure, while another brand does not.

Depending on your needs as a singer, you may find features such as the behind-the-ear loop important. To help you find the best in-ear monitors, here is where we bought our in-ear monitors for musicians and a short guide is provided in the article below.


Sound Isolation

One of the most important components of an ear monitor is sound isolation. If the monitor is incapable of blocking out ambient noise, it will be rendered user for singers.

Some brands utilize sound isolation technology combined with isolating sleeves to decrease external noise. When it comes to ear monitors and singers, sound isolation is a necessity. The device should be able to block up to 37dB of ambient noise.



Singers are weighed down with their gear when they perform and practice. Adding another piece of equipment to your existing gear may not seem like a big deal, but it can be if it means adding additional weight.

The weight of an ear monitor can determine the level of comfort and convenience. This is why it is crucial to only consider brands that are light in weight. The lightweight design will ensure the highest level of comfort.

best in-ear monitors for singers

Low-Profile Design

Low-Profile design is also a necessity. You want the ear monitor to do what it is supposed to without compromising your style. A low-profile shape will keep the ear monitor looking stylish and as to the ear as possible.


Volume Control

It is crucial to be able to control the sound volume during your performances. With a volume control on the cable, you will be able to adjust the volume with ease. Without this feature, you will have no way of controlling the volume, which could result in poor performance.


Over-The-Ear Design

Having enough flexibility to perform in front of a live audience is key to a successful ending and satisfied audience. The over-the-ear design will provide the highest level of flexibility that you can get from an ear monitor.

This design ensures the cables are secure and out of the way. And, if you have ever performed while wearing an ear monitor in which the cables kept getting in the way, you will definitely appreciate this design.


Gold-Plated Connector

Just the tiniest bit of interference can be detrimental to a performer. When you listen to sounds via an ear monitor, you definitely do not want to hear any type of interference. Well, that is exactly what you will not get from an ear monitor with a gold-plated MMCX connector. This design ensures a secure connection, resulting in nothing but crisp, clear sounds.


To ensure the highest level of comfort, most ear monitors come with a variety of sleeves. You should receive at least three different sizes with your new ear monitor. This will allow you to test the different sizes to find the one that is more suitable for your needs and preferences. Foam sleeves are very comfortable and with the right size, you will not even be aware of the monitor when it is attached to your ear.

The sleeve should be designed to fit perfectly, creating a seal to optimize sound isolation. If it does not, then you might as well toss it in the trash bin, because it could interfere with your performance.


Replacement Cable

Ear monitors must be designed to endure normal wear and tear. And, since some brands are expensive, you will want to ensure the longest service life possible. With that said, it only makes sense to invest in a brand that comes with a headset cable that is detachable.

This way, you will be able to replace the cable when it becomes damaged instead of replacing the entire ear monitor. Over time, you will save money since you do not have to invest in a new ear monitor every time the cable is damaged.



The features listed above play an important role in delivering the highest quality sounds and providing flexibility and comfort. Do not settle for any old ear monitor because it could jeopardize your performances in one way or another.