There are many activities you can do with kids on a camping trip.

Rolling Around

One of the many activities you can do while camping is rolling around on a trike or scooter.

Slackline Kits

This can help you and your kids develop balance and coordination while you’re out in the great outdoors. You can buy slackline kits for camping that can be found at sports stores. These are inexpensive and easy to set up between trees. Once you have all the words, divide the players into teams of two. Each team will be assigned different actions, and the opposing team will have to guess which teams’ words are correct. The teams must swap roles after 60 seconds.

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obstacle course

If your campsite doesn’t have an obstacle course, you can easily make one using simple supplies and a little bit of creativity.

Tree Stumps

You can use boxes, tree stumps, chairs, and more to create a challenging obstacle course for kids to complete.

DIY Obstacle Course

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Great Way

It can be a fun game for all ages and a great way to teach children self-regulation. Kids can race around the obstacle course, with the objective to reach the finish line as fast as possible. They can also compete with each other for points.

You can make a DIY obstacle course out of household items or existing camping equipment. Once the course is constructed, divide campers into teams and have them race through it.

Scooter Board Games

You can make an obstacle course with inexpensive supplies such as pool noodles. These are not only cheap, but they also can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
Most kids don't care about the design of the course, but they are more interested in the challenge ahead of them. Choose colors and shapes that are visually appealing to children.
While on a camping trip, one of the best activities to do with children is to play board games. There are many great games that you can bring with you, including Connect Four.

Rolling Around

These portable games are made of durable wood and are easily stored in canvas bags. This popular game has many benefits, including helping children learn about different plants and animals. 


For example, it teaches preschoolers about the life cycle of different animals, while the adult version allows adults to learn facts about birds.

Easy To Play

They are also easy to play. The objective of the game is to line up four of the same pieces in a row. Once you have four pieces in a row, you select one to play with.


The person who supervises must be at least 21 years of age, understand the risks involved, and accept responsibility for the youth he or she is caring for.

Winning Game

Similarly, the Mensa Select-winning game, Wildcraft, teaches about the life cycle of trees and plants, as well as medicinal and edible plants.


Rappelling near a campsite is a fun activity to do with family and friends, but it requires proper supervision. He or she must also complete training in the Boy Scouts of America’s Climb On Safely procedure.

Voting Game

Youth Group

If the youth group includes more than 10 youth, a second adult leader should be present to supervise the activity. Putting on an RV show is an excellent way to promote the camper lifestyle

Fun Activity

Rappelling is a fun activity that offers thrills and challenges. Participants learn how to set up ropes and anchors, and they can rappel anywhere from 20 to 100 feet.

Date Night

It is also a great activity for a date night, family outing, or active team bonding activity. Most rappelling courses are offered in the evening and require a hike of about 20 minutes up a steep grade.

Whether you're going camping alone or with a group, board games are great ways to pass the time while camping