DVHR-V160 Dual Deck VCR
LCD TV (32-inch) LCD TV (50-inch)

We provide the market with five brands of compact to large LCD TVs sold in Japan and overseas.


[Brands in North Amerika]
[Brands in Latin America]  
[Brands in Europe and India]
[Brands in Japan]

The key to obtaining a top share in the North American market, the largest market in the world, is creating close relationships with the major mass retailers.
As in 2010, we ranked third in the number of LCD TVs shipped into the North American market in 2011. (Based on a survey by DisplaySearch)
In addition, we have extended our brand licensing agreements in North America with Royal Philips Electronics through December 2015. Accordingly, we will step up our sales of PHILIPS-branded products.

In Europe, we established sales offices in Hamburg, Paris and Warsaw, and are working to strengthen relationships with the major mass retailers in each country.

In Japan, we aggressively develop sales activities through our subsidiary, DX ANTENNA CO., LTD.

Furthermore, in 2012 we established a local subsidiary in Mumbai, India, and initiated sales there. Going forward, we expect to increase sales in Latin America, including
Mexico. We also plan to enter emerging markets which are rapidly growing, such as the ASEAN countries and the Near and Middle East regions.

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