Through the four business segments in which we develop products—Displays, Digital Media, Office Solutions and Others — we consistently supply products globally under diverse brands but with high levels of quality and cost efficiency.
Funai aims to continue improving its competitiveness amid an upheaval in the digital consumer electronics industry.

In addition to continually improving quality and cost efficiency since its founding, Funai’s strength lies in its exceptional supply capabilities which have earned us an enormous amount of trust throughout the digital consumer electronics industry.

Currently, we conduct business in four areas: Displays, which handles LCD TVs; Digital Media, which handles DVD and Blu-ray Disc-related products, among others; Office Solutions, which handles printers; and Others, which handles receiver-related products and other items via subsidiary DX ANTENNA CO., LTD.

In our mainstay area, the Display Business, we provide the market with five brands of compact to large LCD TVs sold in Japan and overseas. In the Digital Media Business, the Company is enhancing its lineup of Blu-ray Disc-related products through such means as reinforcing its OEM* business. The high quality and reasonable price of these products have been well received both domestically and overseas and we proudly maintain a top share in the North American market for LCD TVs and in Japan for Blu-ray Disc recorders.

In the Office Solutions Business, we are increasing sales and profits by maintaining strong relationships with OEM partners. Also, in 2012 we launched the LED lighting business.

The digital consumer electronics industry is going through a period of significant upheaval. In terms of functionality, design and price, South Korea, China and Taiwan are rapidly becoming increasingly competitive. This situation, however, also presents us with an opportunity to fully realize our potential. Funai’s focus will be to increase its brand value and share by providing the market with competitively priced products developed and produced quickly in response to the various needs of consumers around the world.

* The manufacture and provision of products under the customer’s brand.