There was a time when computer printers were mostly owned and used for office purposes. However, advances in technology and a significant decrease in the cost of owning a printer has become a boon for home PC users. These days, a large number of computer printers go beyond simple printing and offer other attractive features like scanning, photocopying and faxing as well. This makes a printer a convenient machine to own that can enhance productivity.

Today’s computer printers are quite intelligent and can pretty much function seamlessly. However, like most other machines, they can also suffer from occasional glitches and issues. Fortunately, most of the standard printer problems are not difficult to solve and can be resolved by the user without calling in the experts..

How to troubleshoot printer problems

Before you start using your printer, you must perform the following checks to make sure the printer problems are not due to one of these:

  1. The connection between the printer and power source is proper and powered ON.
  2. The connection between the computer and your printer is proper.
  3. Paper tray is not empty
  4. The cartridge inside the printer is not empty

More than half of printer problems are due to the above simple issues which are often overlooked by users. Besides these, some other printer issues that users may encounter include:

  1. Effects due to printer driver issues: Printer drivers are the programs that communicate with the printer and your computer. Any problem in the driver may cause a computer error. For example, you may encounter the following error while trying to shut down your PC:

“The exception unknown software exception (0X0000005) occurred in the
application located in 0X 760fbe16.”

The hpqgpc01.exe file causes this problem due to some problem with the HP printer driver. The problem can be rectified by selecting the appropriate driver in the Printer menu of the startup program.

PC Start-up Problems

Whenever you start your PC, some of the files related to your printer automatically load. The concept for these data to charge at the start-up process is to reduce the time taken in the printing process later on. However, sometimes these files may interfere with the normal start-up process and cause errors like:

“Hpqthb08.exe application failed to initialize properly

To resolve this problem, you just need to disable the data from loading during the startup process.

High CPU usage

There are instances when the executable file spoolsv.exe which manages the printing process and lineup of printer files sequentially, gets filled up with unnecessary data. This may cause a spike in CPU consumption (as high as 100%) and even bring the system to a grinding halt. To rectify this problem, you need to stop the spooler process, delete all the files in the printer folder and then enable the service again.

Malware problem

It is not uncommon for virus files to disguise themselves with legal printer file names to avoid being detected and then cause mayhem in the system. Therefore, you must always have a good quality anti-malware program to protect you from these nasty intruders.