There are many activities you can do with kids on a camping trip.

Eternal Return

You’ve probably already heard about Meow Wolf’s House of Eternality Return, a unique indoor playground that offers activities for children and adults alike.

Great Places

Now that this place has closed, there are other great places to spend the night in Santa Fe. In addition to the original Meow Wolf attraction, Meow Wolf also has two new installations in Las Vegas and Denver scheduled to open by 2020. This immersive art experience is like no other, with no two experiences being exactly the same. This immersive art project has something for everyone – from a jungle gym to a haunted house. 

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Young woman in a camper van enjoying spring time in a beautiful camping with pink flowers.

Treebones Resort

Treebones Resort is the perfect spot for an unforgettable camping experience in Big Sur. Guests can enjoy expansive views of the area, and can easily access local attractions.

might involve

A typical day might involve enjoying a cup of coffee on the redwood deck or hiking the nearby trails. The resort is also home to an oceanfront restaurant, Wild Coast.


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Treebones Resort offers two types of campsites, the Human Nest and Twig Hut. Both come with full facilities. Human Nest campsites begin at $195 per night and offer views of the Pacific. Unlike the tents at other campgrounds, the Human Nest campsite is equipped with a full futon mattress and an outdoor bar. The human nest is not waterproof, but it is still an excellent option for camping. 

Creating Immersive Art

Meow Wolf has been creating immersive art for over ten years. The first exhibit, The House of Eternal Return, opened in an abandoned bowling alley in Santa Fe in 2006.
The installation was funded by Santa Fe resident George R.R. Martin, who had invested $3 million in the project.
The Meow Wolf experience has a unique storyline that emerged from the mind of the founding artists.

Meow Wolf's House

Upon opening, it was seen as an alternative contemporary art world take on theme parks.

Find Sculptures

You’ll also find sculptures, sound installations, paintings, and murals.


The experience can be overwhelming and emotional. The House of Eternal Return builds on the Meow Wolf philosophy of creating explorable art. 

Multimedia Experience


Visitors are immersed in a multimedia experience that includes a dozen different mediums.

Resort's Garden

The resort also offers a hot tub and pool for guests to use. It serves organic dishes and seasonal vegetables from the resort’s garden.


The complex is a 20,000-square-foot building that is designed by Meow Wolf collective. The complex also features four artistic tree houses.

It's an all-day experience that will leave you amazed.