We pledge our commitment to flexibility

The electronics industry, primarily the area of digital consumer electronics, has recently entered an era of turbulent change. With the rise of China and other Asian manufacturers and increasing competition over function, design, and price, the speed of such change will only accelerate. Notably, this period of tumult presents us with an ideal opportunity to prove our true value. In the midst of this challenge, we benefit from two strengths: flexibility and commitment. Our flexibility enables us to anticipate market needs and respond to them with exceptional agility. Our commitment testifies to our willingness to avoid“ stagnation in the name of stability” and to always aim higher. At FUNAI ELECTRIC, we will use these two advantages to propel us to further growth.

FUNAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has established a reputation for providing consumers with affordable, high-quality digital home appliances that reflect our uniquely innovative perspective.
Recently, global demand in the digital home appliance sector has been increasing, creating a
vibrant market; at the same time, however, increased competition has triggered a steep downward trend in product prices. Such an environment of volatile price competition presents
the perfect opportunity for Funai to demonstrate its advantages. In addressing this opportunity, we must return to basics, a stance to which we have remained faithful since our establishment in 1961. Therefore, we will continue to focus on the pace of our business operations; in other words, we intend to quickly and accurately gauge market demand and rapidly develop the products desired by customers. In addition, we will spread the Funai brand worldwide by introducing our high-value products on a timely basis to the global market through our unique Funai Production System (F.P.S.) and through optimization of our production bases.
In the future, we expect that the digital home appliance industry will make significant progress in the area of networking. Consequently, we will focus on developing network products in order to respond to this market trend, and we will dedicate our efforts to adding value.
As the digital home appliance industry rapidly evolves into a borderless market, Funai intends to establish its market dominance by making full use of our world-class technical capabilities; our strengths in software development; and our skilled, highly capable, and internationally focused workforce.
At Funai, we pledge to make ever-greater strides into world markets.