check computer specs

Computer specification is always done to get the best to use for the designated task. Checking the specs is usually best done during the purchasing process. It enables getting the appropriate device and matching the purpose intended. There are some specifications that I need to be familiar with and also getting the knowledge and information required for relaxed and comfortable use. The steps include the key areas that I will be needed to identify. The computer sets comprise the monitor, central processing unit, keyboard, and mouse. A laptop is also another model type of computer, and you will need to have its charger and, carriage bag.

  1. The computer model

The computer name of the manufacturer the material used and how it appears is vital to check. Various computer models come with different labels. Some are of known, reputable companies while others are of developing and independent businesses. The model comprises of the appearance, connection, flexible and portability. Computer interlink, portals, and other physical specifications are always appropriate to check.

  1. Internal storage RAM and ROM

On the startup button, right-click it and select properties. It is easy to know the number of RAM your computer has. This helps in identifying the processing speed. Computer function will easily depend on the internal processing and the capability of getting its performance. Checking the storage is by checking the hard drive capacity which you find comfortable and enough for your computer task. With the designated use it gives a wide range of using and installing the software, games and storing other information used.

How to Quickly Check

  1. Player format and compatibility

Is the drive an all CD/DVR/DVD player? Right click start, select my computer, you will see the various playing format that your computer supports either both DVD/CD and other specification available on your hard drive. There is a sticker indicating the kind of player format it supports. If the device has a specification of any of this, then it is essential always to know the right player accessories to buy.

  1. Control panel

Right-click starts on the computer system select control panel. It will be easy for you to identify the various specification your computer has. The model of your internal processing Intel, Pentium or any other will be shown. The window type, other devices present will be illustrated in your computer system monitoring.

  1. Installation and connection,

By clicking startup menu on your computer, selecting networks, it describes the kind of system you are using or connection. Selecting interface, if there is any connection on your computer, it will ask for the password. You can also create your network and interlink it with others from your computer, and it depends on your source of the system.


Reference is gotten for Checking your computer can be done individually, or with the directive. Understanding better on how to know the specification a research before the interested specification is vital. It supports, and you get more information categorically confirming your desired specifications.